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gallivantingEnglish1 informal : to travel, roam, or move about for pleasureI have been gallivanting all over town2
हर्फ़Urduशब्द का वह अंश जिसका उच्चारण श्वास के एक झटके में होता है3
VivekHindiसमझविवेक से काम करना3.5
inconsequentialEnglishinconsequential reviewer – KRK3
heuristicEnglishenabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.2
propitiateEnglishकिसी नाराज़ या रूष्‍ट व्‍यक्ति को शांत कर लेना और संतुष्‍ट करना; मना लेना, to make peace with somebody who is angry by trying to please them2
SloggingEnglish‘slogging my ass’ idiomatically is the same as ‘dragging your butt’, mean to go slowly, proceed with little haste, or generally just plod along. Thus, you’re saying that you’re doing very little work, and getting very little pay. Is that what you mean to indicate?I have been slogging my ass for a long time and I am getting peanuts.3

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