Pet Peeves

Following are my pet peeves which needs to be addressed, I strongly believe that, India can be strong enough to lead the world after resolving such issues.

  1. Police Reforms : I have seen many videos where police beating innocent citizens on the roads for no reasons. There should be strong action on policemen who beats / insults responsible citizens of the India which are fully co-operating with them. Consider this sample video for illustration, this happens daily in India. My question is how such lathi wielding semi-literates are awarded this much power. What is the difference between police and goons then.
  2. Misuse of public money for personal advertising by politicians.
  3. Responsibility of government : While there is every deadline for tax filing or other compliance. There is almost no time limit for government to respond / revert.
  4. Unreasonable Taxes : Many essential commodities are having more than 100% taxes, this is legal loot and this must end. e.g. petroleum products.
  5. Ill-legal Road breaker : These are making life of drivers like hell.
  6. VIP culture needs to end.

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