Month: April 2020

Buy new mobile

following points must be considered while buy a new phone. very very important points. Are there any apps which may not be uninstalled – I am unable to uninstall Facebook from my Samsung S9 plus. For heavy use, if battery sufficient for usage of at least 36 hours. Warranty / Guarantee type & period. IP …

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Access Identifiers public : This is the default and undeclared value  private: Can be accessed in the class itself. protected : can be accessed in the child class   static : variable can be used using :: operator , no class instantiation is required for functions., eg  User: : $name; abstract: These classes can not be used as such but need to be …

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Cheat Sheets

Following are some cheat sheets MySql –, PHP – , JavaScript – Bootstrap 4 – Emmet – CSS – HTML –

Disposable Email Services

Following are the disposable email services for testing purpose.